Clinkscales Family Reunion May 7 2005

Site updated on 07 Jun 2005

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Martha Abernathy and Sue Granger

Martha, Sue and Bobbie Jordan

Assorted ;-)

FOOD! Leftovers actually. Twas all good

Maddie, Sarah Skinner, Aunt Alma, Earnest Warren

Nolan, Yvonne and Stephen Clinkscales

Renea, Gail holding Christian, and Lee Kate

Susan and Zoe

Zoe, Gail and Christian


Really Assorted

Some of the table(s) of food remains

The desert end of the table(s)

Assorted group -- with one Happy dog (Raven)

Next Generation -- Beverly, Denison and Bill Justice

Holding the food in -- Beverly and Denison

Tommie in Evil Genius mode

Hershal Muse

Katherine viewing photos, eyeing the photographer

Katherine and John Justice

Raven enjoying the excitement

Harold Justice and James Clinkscales

Lena Justice and Katherine Justice

Hershal Muse and Dave Patty trading stories

Bill, Martha's arm and Russell -- Martha Abernathy, Bill Justice discussing photos while Russell Warren listens in.

Betty Sue Bradford, and Pilar Clinkscales (seated); sneeking a peek at old photographs

Sue and Parker Granger, The hosts of this affair. Thanks folks!

Close-up of Sue and Parker

Angie and Bruce Justice

Angie and Bruce

James Clinkscales and Gail Justice

Serious James and Gail

Nolan Clinkscales

Nolan and Aunt Alma Clinkscales

Frances Warren

Frances still trying not to smile

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